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Carpentersville Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy & Sealing Systems provides epoxy flooring that lasts and is highly resistant to acids, chlorine, and other standard cleaning solutions. We are proud to offer epoxy floor coatings in residential spaces along with commercial epoxy flooring and industrial epoxy flooring. If you want a smart way to protect your floor and add a unique design factor in the Carpentersville area contact E&S about our competitively priced epoxy floors.

Carpentersville Industrial Epoxy Flooring

E&S is the epoxy flooring solution that customers love. Carpentersville, Illinois is located approximately 39 miles from the Chicago metropolitan area in Kane County and has a population of 37,691 residents. Carpentersville’s motto is, “Building a better tomorrow today.” Allow the team at E&S to install commercial epoxy flooring or industrial epoxy flooring that protects your floor for up to 15 years without changing color. We take our job seriously, and many have been blown away by how well the epoxy floor coatings and epoxy floors look and protect.

Carpentersville Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy flooring acts as a guard for your floor protecting the structure and integrity. E&S provides the proper installation of commercial epoxy flooring, industrial epoxy flooring, and epoxy floor coatings to assure that they last and look amazing. Epoxy & Sealing Systems offers a variety of looks and design options for epoxy floors. There are no two exact looks with epoxy flooring. Call (847) 842-2958 to schedule your FREE estimate or to find out more about our services.

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