Considering Epoxy Flooring for your home?  Like many other floorings, Epoxy Floors have both advantages and disadvantages. Here's a brief list of the  epoxy flooring/pros and cons list.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring Systems

  • Easy maintenance – Epoxy flooring provides a shield against water, it offer a barrier against spills of all kinds, including abrasive and caustic chemicals.  Your new epoxy floor coating is also stain-resistant, which makes it ideal for high-traffic showrooms, warehouses, and areas of your home, such as your kitchen, bathroom, bathroom family room,  garage, basement, or patio.

  • Visual effect – Metallic Epoxy flooring has a stunning 3D visual effect. In addition to the gorgeous appearance, it can visually solve many problems of the room interior because of the unique aesthetic qualities. Metallic Epoxy floors have virtually an endless amount of design, color and patterns to choose from. Epoxy coatings can even visually increase the room space. It can help to implement the infinite imagination of the designer and attracts.

  •  High strength – Epoxy floors are virtually impervious, and highly resistant to acids, chlorine and other materials such as bleaches and daily cleaners. For the very same reason, the floors are considered good for industrial sectors as well as for home. When properly installed, epoxy floors can serve at least 15 years of age, without changing its color.

  • Safe and hygiene friendly – Epoxy floors has no seams, joints, cracks, pores or gap is absolutely immune to any kind of dirt, dust, water and chemicals. are seamless do not accumulate dust and do not create a favorable environment for a variety of pathogens / bacteria.  


  • Fire resistance – Epoxy / polymers do not burn, it is one of the reasons that the coating used in manufacturing, warehouses, hospitals, child care centers and other places where increased control of fire safety are needed. Epoxy floor Epoxy floors have no seams, joints, cracks, pores and gaps making epoxy flooring is absolutely immune to any kind of dirt, dust, water and chemicals

  • Long-Lasting-  Unlike stains and floor paints, Your professionally installed epoxy floor coating actually binds to your concrete or other flooring substrate.  This creates a seal that will protect your concrete for decades.  Your professionally installed epoxy floor coating prevents concrete from cracking, pitting, and holes.  This durable and resilient product extends the life of your concrete, saving you costly repair and replacement.

Cons of Epoxy Floors


While the advantages and pros of epoxy finish on floors may sound very promising, you also need to know its disadvantages before you decide if this is the finish that you need and want for your home or establishment.

  • Slippery - Epoxy floors are relatively skid resistant. This con is not universal. It’s specific only to oil-covered epoxy since that can be very slippery. But, they can also become very slippery when wet. However there are skid resistant additives which can be added to the top coat. 


  • Impermanent finish – while epoxy floors provide the extremely durable finish. Just like most flooring Epoxy floors are not impervious they can crack or chip In the event that extremely heavy of an object is dropped which the impact resistant property cannot withstand, small cracks and chips might occur. 


  • Preparation- Installing-. Getting the existing floors ready for applying epoxy is tedious. A significant amount of effort goes into it to the concrete, wood or substrate floor has to be clean and free of any grease, oil, or solvents before the epoxy coating is applied. Cracks will need to be filled as well. 

  • Sensitivity- Epoxy flooring needs to be installed exactly according to directions. If not done properly, the flooring will not last as long as it should. The coating should be applied only when during that time of the year when the humidity levels are low. This is because moisture can affect the durability of these floors.

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