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Prospect Heights Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Get the seamless epoxy flooring you want from Epoxy & Sealing Systems. We provide a unique yet comprehensive solution for residential, commercial and industrial spaces. Due to the adhering properties of epoxy flooring, it makes it the ideal choice for high traffic areas. The greatest part is we can cover wood, stone, concrete, metals and many other materials. If you’re in the market for commercial epoxy flooring, industrial epoxy flooring or even residential epoxy floor coatings around the Prospect Heights area contact E&S to schedule your epoxy floors FREE estimate!

Prospect Heights Industrial Epoxy Flooring

E&S is excited to give you options in design so whether you want a metallic look or flake, we can deliver the one of a kind look you want. Get all the resilience you deserve with epoxy flooring at an affordable price. Prospect Heights, Illinois is a smaller community about 28 miles northwest of Chicago. The city of Prospect Height is a suburb with 16,256 residents who enjoy recreational activities year round. There is no space or size that couldn’t benefit from commercial epoxy flooring or industrial epoxy flooring. E&S delivers excellent epoxy floor coatings and epoxy floors.

Prospect Heights Epoxy Floor Coatings

The comprehensive solution that you have been looking for can be found in epoxy flooring that E&S offers. Protect your floors with a shield of protection no matter the harmful acids, caustic chemicals or even stains that leave your floor vulnerable to wear and tear. Get your FREE estimate for commercial epoxy flooring, industrial epoxy flooring or epoxy floor coatings by reaching out today! Epoxy & Sealing Systems delivers flawless epoxy floors, so call us today at (847) 842- 2958 if you have any questions.

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