E&S Systems excels in providing TOTAL CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS with High Performance interior & exterior Cleaning and sealing ensures that your hardscaping will look great for years to come. It also protects the surface from oil spills, food spills, various liquids, and tree and animal droppings. Sealing your surface makes it much easier to clean and will help prevent staining.


E&S Systems uses a variety of professional sealers. We do NOT offer cookie-cutter cleaning and sealing solutions. We will help you decide which is best choice for you. We look at durability, appearance and function are some of the things we look at. We may recommend a water-based, solvent-based or epoxy fortified. We help you decide which finish looks best gloss, matte, semi gloss or the wet-look sealant. We have the right sealant for your brick, cement, natural stone or pavers giving them a rich finish while also functioning as a paver sand sealer should. We also will help you decide on the type of jointing sand will work best for you.


E & S Systems, Inc. strives for perfection in all aspects of the job. We believe in QUALITY, not quantity. We are committed to giving our customers the best price, without sacrificing quality. We work with new or old brick, concrete or stone paver installations, concrete driveways, wooden decks and more! We understand that pavers are the welcome mat to your home and/or business, so keep them looking pristine and inviting. Our dedicated staff gives you all the information for a complete understanding of our products and services so that you can choose what works best. When you choose to work with E & S Systems for your sealing needs, you always get the highest quality of service from our expert staff: from start to finish. Pavers are incredibly beautiful and add aesthetic value to your property, but the fact is that maintaining pavers is a tough task; a constant battle against the natural effects of wear and tear by sunlight, rain, snow and human traffic. With constant exposure to the elements and certain property features like salt or chlorine, they are at risk of rapid deterioration! Perhaps the biggest risk of unsealed, or poorly sealed, paver stones is that they will stain – even wet leaves, can cause major and irreversible damage.


Sealing enhances the natural color and beauty of your pavers, colored concrete, stone, exposed aggregate, and other surfaces. We only use professional grade water based or solvent based sealers and coatings, specifically designed to be used on paver stones and blocks.