Wheeling Epoxy Flooring

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Wheeling Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Are you looking for a way to cover a concrete floor to add design and protection? If so, Epoxy & Sealing Systems offers epoxy flooring that can redefine any space with a distinctive design. Our team of professional installers can place commercial epoxy flooring and industrial epoxy flooring that will change not only the look but add to the longevity of the floor. Epoxy floor coatings that E&S offer provide a brilliant way to get the adherence you want along with a unique design. We encourage Wheeling area residents that are considering epoxy floors to contact us today.

Wheeling Industrial Epoxy Flooring

E&S has many happy customers who praise or work ethic and attention to detail. For residential spaces, epoxy flooring can be put in the basement, garage family room, and even kitchen. Wheeling, Illinois is a village in both Cook and Lake County with 37,648 residents. Wheeling is 23 miles northwest of Chicago. Due to the extreme adhering properties of epoxy floors, we place them on a variety of surfaces including both commercial epoxy flooring and industrial epoxy flooring. If you want to add a guard for your floor inquire about E&S epoxy floor coatings or epoxy floors.

Wheeling Epoxy Floor Coatings

We offer useful and customized ways to fulfill you’re flooring needs with epoxy flooring. E&S is proud to provide competent solutions that include commercial epoxy flooring and industrial epoxy flooring along with providing excellent residential epoxy floor coatings. Epoxy & Sealing Systems ensures and properly installs epoxy floors with high-performance standards for both interior and exterior areas. Call (847) 842-2958 with any questions you have or if you would like to schedule a FREE estimate!

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