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An Epoxy Flooring Company With 30+ Years of Experience

E&S Systems excels in providing TOTAL CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS with High Performance interior & exterior coating and sealing systems. Specializing in Epoxy floor and concrete coatings, we have over 30 years of combined experience servicing residential, commercial, and industrial markets. For both home and business, we install unique flooring for garages, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, warehouses, decks, patios, and offices using the newest in modern flooring technology.

Want to bring new life to outdoor living areas? E&S Systems also offers various cleaning and sealcoating options to restore brick pavers, concrete driveways and wooden decks. Epoxy & Sealing Systems, Inc. offers effective and unique solutions to satisfy even the most complex flooring need. We are continually developing NEW methods and exploring INNOVATIVE products to suit each individual floor. We pride ourselves in staying ahead of the curve, but before we bring a new product or method to our customers, E&S Systems will perform extensive in-house testing to make sure it is safe and effective for our customers. That way, we are able to see potential issues ahead of time and supply our customers the best flooring system possible.

John D'Agostino

John D'Agostino


Owner John D’ Agostino brings over 30 years of expertise to Epoxy & Sealing Systems, Inc. His extensive experience in the epoxy flooring industry is marked by a commitment to excellence and hands-on knowledge. John began his journey as a solo craftsman, personally overseeing each project to ensure the highest quality. As the company has evolved, John’s primary goal has been to scale the business without compromising the standard of work.

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