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Seamless easy to maintain low-maintenance wide variety of colors and textures including metallic, quartz, gloss, matte can be laid over pre existing concrete: damaged or cracked covers defects in pre existing surfaces impermeable to spills and highly resistant to stains: oil, water, chemicals, salts protects underlying surface from damage Resistant to high heat Fireproof Can be applied to almost anywhere Strength in areas that experience regular wear and tear and daily foot traffic. Long lasting: once cured impossible to break down chemically


Metallic, quartz, sand, gravel, terrazzo, flake and mortar epoxy. lustrous finishes: glossy, matte Can imitate the look of marble, granite and stonework custom color schemes Sleek and modern color effects Epoxy Flake Floors: colored chips or flakes for a seamless and resilient surface Epoxy Sand Floor: Specialty blends that can be applied over new, old, cracked or damaged surfaces for a seamless surface.

Indoor: Outdoor:
  • Garage Floor
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Basement
  • Family room
  • Hallways
  • Anywhere you want a unique, seamless, durable floor!
  • Wood and concrete decks
  • Concrete walkways
  • Wood and concrete Pool decks
  • Wood and concrete Patios
  • Anywhere you want a low maintenance, strong, protected surface!
Commercial: Industrial:
  • Retail Stores
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Dealership showrooms
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Warehouses
  • Clean rooms
  • Assembly plants
  • Police & fire departments


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E&S Systems excels in providing TOTAL CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS with High Performance interior & exterior. Epoxy Garage Floors are virtually impervious, and highly resistant to acids, chlorine and other materials such as bleaches and daily cleaners. For the very same reason, the floors are considered good for industrial sectors as well as for home. When properly installed, epoxy floors can serve at least 15 years of age, without changing its color. E&S Systems, Inc. have skilled staff and proper equipment to complete the job from start to finish. leaving you with an amazing Garage Floor.


Epoxy & Sealing Systems, Inc. offers effective and unique metallic epoxy flooring sysolutions to satisfy even the most complex flooring need. We are continually developing NEW methods and exploring INNOVATIVE products to suit each individual floor. We pride ourselves in staying ahead of the curve, but before we bring a new product or method to our customers, E&S Systems will perform extensive in-house testing to make sure it is safe and effective for our customers before installing or metallic epoxy floors. That way, we are able to see potential issues ahead of time and supply our customers the best flooring system possible.


Not only do we have experience in commercial and industrial settings, we also offer expert solutions for homes and other non-commercial settings. With advancements in floor coating technology, E&S Systems, Inc. offers a many types of epoxy coating systems not only for Epoxy Flooring, but also wall epoxy coating Epoxy Walls, Epoxy Showers, other surfaces that crave a decorative touch. In a variety of styles, colors and textures, anyone can enjoy designer Seamless Epoxy Floors that are stunning. All without compromising the quality and benefits of strong, durable epoxy flooring. It is the next generation in flooring.

Sealing & Cleaning/Maintenance

E&S Systems excels in providing TOTAL CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS with High Performance interior & exterior Cleaning and sealing ensures that your hardscaping will look great for years to come. It also protects the surface from oil spills, food spills, various liquids, and tree and animal droppings. Sealing your surface makes it much easier to clean and will help prevent staining. E&S Systems uses a variety of professional sealers. We do NOT offer cookie-cutter cleaning and sealing solutions. We will help you decide which is best choice for you. We look at durability, appearance and function are some of the things we look at. We may recommend a water-based, solvent-based or epoxy fortified. We help you decide which finish looks best gloss, matte, semi gloss or the wet-look sealant. We have the right sealant for your brick, cement, natural stone or pavers giving them a rich finish while also functioning as a paver sand sealer should. We also will help you decide on the type of jointing sand will work best for you.