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From Residential Garages, Kitchen/Basement Floors, Counters, and Pool Decks to Industrial/Commercial Flooring Solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Epoxy Flake Floors

Transform your space with our Epoxy Flake Flooring service. Durable, stylish, and expertly installed by Chicagoland’s flooring experts.

Deco Quartz FLOORS

Decorative Quartz Flooring is a wonderful solution for flooring projects. Superior in beauty and resilience, it is a high-end option.

Metallic Floors

Metallic floors add an aire of elegance and sophistication to any room or outdoor space. Can’t beat the durabilty or beauty of this option.


We do home projects of all sizes, from large outdoor slabs and walkways to single car garages, basements, or counters.


You’ve got the square footage and we’ve got the solution.  Many commercial applications available to fit your needs.


Available to contractors, builders, flippers, realtors, property managers and such.  If you do multiple projects, this is for you!


Get a quick idea of how the process works from start to finish below.  Our course we are summarizing, but this is the gist of it.

Get an Estimate

Have a FREE site visit where measurements and project details will be taken and an estimate provided.


Sign Contracts

Once the quotation has been agreed upon, we will whip up some service contracts so we can get the ball rolling.

Schedule The Project

We get your project in the books!  We lock in a date for your job to be done.  We work with you on a date that works best.

Diamond Grind Prep

The concrete surface is prepared using a Diamond Grinding Machine and a muriatic acid wash in this stage.

Crack & Surface Repair

Damages to the surface are fixed during this stage.  Cracks, divots, broken edges are repaired and surface prepared.

SeaL Surface

Finally the layers of sealant and decoration are added.  The surface is allowed to dry and harden before use.

Professional Supplies and Consultation for the DIYers

Are you the DIY type, and looking to take on your own project?  We can sell you professional grade supplies so that you can get the best results possible.  We also offer very affordable consultation services.  Some professional insight and direction can go a really long way!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

See for yourself what previous customers have had to say about Epoxy & Sealing Systems’ work!  We have a 5 star rating for a reason!  SEE MORE.

Great team and amazing work!! I highly recommend this company for anybody who need their garage, patio, basement, warehouse, restaurant, etc done. They epoxied my three car garage and came out very nice. I was completely satisfied.

Muayad Abunijmeh

Thanks go out to John and his crew for the GREAT job done on my garage floor. They did the job I wanted done. I wanted the color white and with graphics.Other places that I had quotes from would not do the job.definitely E&S sealing systems rose to the challenge and hit a home run.

Frederick McClellan

Epoxy & sealing system just did my garage. John and his team (two brothers) were professional throughout the process.
Highly recommended!!!!!

Dikesh Patel

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